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10 Things To Know About The CodeRED Mobile Alert App

An emergency professional’s ability to relay information to residents is critical to public safety. During a crisis, real-time updates can provide life-saving instructions and information.

As a resident, it’s important that you understand the situation and how best to respond when an incident affects you. But in the mobile world we live in, how will you receive these alerts?

That is why communities like yours are using the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. This advanced technology provides real-time, location-specific alerts to subscribers anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app for free from either the Google Play or Apple Store to begin receiving critical alerts for your area.

  1. Stay informed regarding situations around you. With geo-targeted technology you will receive notifications based on your exact location. Making sure you stay aware of incidents nearby even if you’re traveling to another CodeRED community.
  2. Receive push notifications directly on the front of your screen, similar to a text message or Facebook notification without having to click into the mobile app.
  3. View all active alerts across the nation to remain informed about what is happening in places outside your community. This can assist with:
    1.   a. Traveling outside your hometown
    2.   b. Locations of other properties
    3.   c. Family and friends who live in other locations
  4. Choose to listen to audio alerts instead of text when reading isn’t convenient or practical
  5. Set a warning radius of up to 25 miles to receive any alerts that impact the area around you. Easily adjust the radius in settings to receive more relevant alerts.>
  6. Be aware of missing persons across the nation with optional notifications from A Child Is Missing (ACIM). ACIM is an exclusive OnSolve partner who launches notifications for missing children and at risk adults all over the country. Opt-in to receive these alerts even if your community isn’t a CodeRED subscriber.
  7. Receive optional severe weather alerts automatically once the National Weather Service issues a bulletin. Users who are traveling in the United States will be notified if they are in the direct path of a severe thunderstorm, tornado, flood, blizzard and other severe weather.
  8. Customize what type of weather alerts you would like to receive in settings. Options include: air and visibility warnings, cold, flood, heat, marine, wind and various types of severe weather.
  9. Share any alerts you receive on social media via a linked Facebook or Twitter account. Make sure friends and family nearby are aware of the emergency.
  10. Remember you have the OnSolve Support Team available to answer your questions and help resolve any issues you experience with the app. Call (866) 939-0911 Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm.
CodeRED Screenshot: Alert MapCodeRED Screenshot: Geo Targeting


How to Register for the CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Download the infographic to learn more about how to download and use the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. Don’t wait until your community experiences an emergency, the time to be informed is now.

Download the infographic for the U.S. Download the Infographic for Canada
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Why CodeRED? The Features and Value of the CodeRED Solution from OnSolve

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