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2014 Hurricane season: mass notification and community awareness

mass notification Recent development of the season’s first tropical system, makes now the perfect time for those public safety agencies with communities located on either the Atlantic or Gulf Coast to tap into their mass notification system and once again familiarize themselves with the system. Creating and delivering a call or text message to your personal phone as practice is strongly encouraged. In addition, now is the best time to ensure all password and login information is verified. Please do not hesitate to call Emergency Communications Network’s Client Support team at 866-939-0911 for a refresher course of the CodeRED mass notification system.

Another important factor now that hurricane season has begun is ensuring residents are not complacent when it comes to receiving CodeRED alerts. To avoid complacency, begin using the CodeRED mass notification system prior to any tropical activity to alert coastal citizens that there may be potential storms this season that can impact the area. Let them know in the CodeRED message that the CodeRED mass notification system is how they will be notified of all updates regarding future storms during hurricane season. You will also want to use any other form of information delivery that you have at your disposal to heighten awareness of your city or county’s use of the CodeRED system. Consider using broadcast news, print media, local government websites and social media platforms to spread the word about your CodeRED system use.

Along with spreading awareness of your system use during hurricane season, take this opportunity to encourage residents who haven’t done so already, to sign up to receive CodeRED alerts. Direct them to where they can access the Community Notification Enrollment page. Remind them that this communication tool will be used to provide life safety messages as well as general information before, during and after an incident, event or disaster. Messages may include: evacuation details, shelter locations, differences between watches and warnings, protective actions, specific storm or event updates, basic preparedness tips and where to obtain additional information.

If you are not equipped with the completely automated CodeRED Weather Warning System, this might be a good time to contact your Account Representative, 866-939-0911 to learn more about adding that service to your emergency preparedness toolkit. CodeRED Weather Warning delivers severe weather warnings for severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes just minutes after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service. The system will deliver targeted notifications to only those residents who are in the direct path of severe weather. Turbulent weather surrounding hurricanes and tropical storms poses the strong probability of multiple tornadoes forming in any one jurisdiction. Having a system like CodeRED Weather Warning, doesn’t require any time from staff and will give residents the advanced notice needed to take action before severe weather hits.

By using it to your advantage, the CodeRED mass notification system can be one of the most valuable tools to deliver timely information in advance of a storm. Residents will also appreciate their local public safety officials taking the initiative to inform and prepare them for the impending hurricane season.

As a reminder, please feel free to contact either Client Support or your Account Representative by calling 866-939-0911 for assistance using the CodeRED system or to enhance your mass notification capabilities.