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When is the right time for business continuity planning?

If world events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami haven’t gotten the message through to your higher ups that the time for business planning is today—or even yesterday—maybe we can help. Take a look, and next time you pitch your plan, you can articulate exactly why your company needs wholesale NFL jerseys to get a plan in Queenstown place, pronto.

Five reasons to implement business continuity planning right now:

  1. It will save lives when—not if—a disaster strikes
  2. The survival of your business will depend on it; it’s wholesale NFL jerseys only a matter of time until you suffer a serious business interruption
  3. You have an obligation to your stakeholders, shareholders and customers to exercise a basic level of Test1 care and preparedness
  4. In many cases, it is by the law, and without a business continuity plan in place, your top executives and your corporation could phases face criminal charges, heavy fines, and even jail time
  5. Regulations, regulations, regulations. The past decade has spawned an astonishing and complicated array of regulations and standards, many with serious legal implications if your company doesn’t comply (and many with serious legal implications for your potential clients if their vendors Miami Dolphins Jerseys don’t comply!)

Why should your company implement a business continuity plan right now? It’s just good business. A good business continuity plan will help you serve your customers, protect your people and your assets, and protect your bottom line.

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