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Every emergency system should be tested

The National Emergency Alerting System (EAS) will undergo its first nation-wide test this month after 15 years in existence. This is an important test to see how reliable and effective the system really is and brings up the question: If this test were a real emergency, how would the leadership of your business react? Does your business continuity plan include a way to notify staff with specifics that could ensure their safety, and possibly improve the chances of your business survival? Are evacuation plans clear and current and do your people know where to turn for help? Most important, is your database up to date; when you deliver your important message, are you confident that it will reach everyone it should by every possible channel?

As every business continuity planner knows, a well-tested plan holds the best possible chance of actually working effectively when a real emergency takes place, no matter what kind it may be. Like the National EAS, when you test your plan you’re not looking to pass or fail, bur rather to evaluate the plan and adjust and strengthen it where necessary, always adapting and improving. So when the National EAS test takes place on November 9, 2011, consider carefully how your notification system would stand up to a similar test. For more information, download The Definitive Guide to Business Continuity Planning today.