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Cyber Monday, another crazy shopping day

Happy Cyber Monday, the Internet counterpart of Black Friday. As you may know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and marks the official kick-off of the holiday season (followed by the latest marketing/shopping day, Small Business Saturday, but that’s a different story). For many, Black Friday is an established tradition, with adherents happily lured into retail stores by special deals almost before the Thanksgiving table is cleared. Retailers are well-prepared for this influx with extra merchandise and staff on hand.

Cyber Monday dawns with deals all over the Web designed to entice the online crowd to give up their credit card numbers for the best deals to be found between now and Christmas. That can cause unprecedented demand, and in the past has caused shortages, overloaded servers and crashed systems, bringing ecommerce to a halt. Business continuity planners work to prevent such disruptions, and when they do occur, need to get things up and running again quickly. This is where a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes emergency notification can make a difference. Find out more with a free copy of The Definitive Guide to Business Continuity Planning.