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Robotic responders to the rescue

Can you imagine being trapped after a major earthquake or hurricane, with little chance of rescue, when suddenly you hear the buzz of a mechanical insect and your hopes soar? That’s a rescue scenario that could actually become a reality in fewer than five years if researchers at UC Berkeley and other schools have their way. Robotic rescuers are currently in development and folks at The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) like what they are seeing and have agreed to partner with the private sector in creating them.

These tiny robots have the potential to become a key element of emergency preparedness and disaster response in the future. The ability to respond in a meaningful way is critical to effective communication, and these critters will help in that response, relaying critical information such as degree of damage, location of injured parties and much more. The bugs can find their way into small spaces, gather information and quickly send a message to responders. Read more about these robotic rescuers, and while you’re waiting for them to show up in your neighborhood, get a free copy of The Definitive Guide to Business Continuity Planning.