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Would these disruptions derail your business?

When you’re the one in charge of business continuity planning and developing a business impact analysis (BIA), it’s tough to think of every possible scenario to plan for. You’ve got to get your team thinking about things that, although unlikely, are possible. To get your imagination going, consider these real-life scenarios:

  1. Your network goes down for nearly a day and your customers start calling your competitors.
  2. Your storefront website goes down for a day or more.
  3. The local power company has a failure in your area, cutting your power for hours.
  4. Careless construction workers cut the fiber cable, severing your phone and Internet access.
  5. A powerful earthquake strikes, causing damage to your facility and leaving some employees unaccounted for.
  6. A flu epidemic has broken out and is causing causes mass absenteeism for your business.

In the first attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993, 150 out of the 350 business affected closed their doors for good. You can bet that the businesses that survived were the ones with a plan in place before the bombings happened.