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Looks like it’s going to be a wild winter

We’re on the cusp of winter and this year it’s getting off to a powerful start. Citizens from the Southwest US to the Plains are bracing for a blizzard that threatens to blanket the area with as much as a foot or more of snow in the next few days. This kind of weather is bound to disrupt business continuity throughout the region, bringing driving rain, heavy snow and high winds, causing power outages, traffic delays, employee absenteeism and overall reduced productivity.

You can’t stop the weather and you can’t guard against every possible disruption to your business, but you can use the wisdom gained from past experiences to prepare. Just as families throughout the region are making sure they have extra water, batteries, flashlights and fuel, you can take steps ahead of time to make sure your business will weather the storm with the least possible disruption. Notification is a key part of keeping your business on track, so start now by making sure your contact database is up to date, that you are ready to deliver alerts when moments count and that your team is educated on how to respond to those alerts. .