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Business partner and full service provider

happyphoneladyEmergency responders understand all too well that thinking preemptively before an emergency or disaster strikes relates to staffing, strategy, business continuity, emergency messages, and many other aspects of response and recovery. The best way to prepare for a future emergency scenario is by establishing preparation routines. Much like preparing your vehicle for a cross-country drive, you plan ahead weeks in advance and proactively prepare to eliminate controllable risks. By purchasing a mass emergency notification system to alert your community or stakeholders, you are one step ahead in preparing for an emergency.

However, we know that when a disaster occurs, all too often even perfect plans rarely play out the way we envisioned. During such chaotic and stressful times, notifying your residents may come second to responding to the actual crisis. ECN understands your initial priority is centered on responding to the emergency during an incident. Your Client Support team at ECN can assist your team with broadcasting emergency and critical notifications to the public with CodeRED or SmartNotice. During a crisis or incident, ECN provides live support with our Client Support specialists for both of these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to acting when called upon, our Client Support team proactively monitors severe weather events, breaking news, and hazardous incident reports across the country. Monthly contact is made with users of the CodeRED system and the SmartNotice system to provide an opportunity for additional  training opportunities and to follow up on any questions regarding recent events. This proactive contact may even come prior to an actual emergency, serving as an additional warning when a severe weather event has been forecasted. To further support your system users, ECN’s Training Coordinator offers modular webinars several times a month focusing on features within your CodeRED or SmartNotice system. This allows you to focus on the topic(s) with which you need assistance, or a feature you wish to implement into your CodeRED system. Additionally, we are always available to schedule customized training for your personnel as required. It is the company’s goal to continually provide you with the best support possible and reinforce the partnership between our organizations.

Unlike some of our competitors, ECN will encourage use of your CodeRED or SmartNotice system. The Client Support team has years of best practice knowledge and can provide system use suggestions customized to your needs and the needs of your community and team. Using your system as much as you desire helps to alleviate your concerns regarding your return on investment and will demonstrate how vital your system is for unified communications in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

So remember, we are more than just a “vendor”—we are your partner in delivering life safety and time-sensitive notifications. At ECN, our commitment is to serve your needs 100% of the time. Let us know how we can help you!