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Reliable mass notification doesn’t have to be stodgy

Let’s face it; mass notification isn’t the sexiest product out there. In fact, to many businesses it’s more of a must-have and is sometimes even seen as a commodity. We aim to change that perception with the new Intelligent Notification v3.0.

The most obvious change in Intelligent Notification v3.0 is the attractive new user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). We’ve cleaned things up, made the navigation more intuitive, moved things to more logical places and revealed features that have always been there, but may not have been so easy to find. We’ve also added a handy new feature called Quick Launch. It allows for “one-click” access so users can compose and launch notifications from a single screen. We’ve also added toll-free numbers to help international users save money when responding to notifications. And for those companies that like to brand notifications with their own look and feel, we’ve made that easier to do.

Best of all, our new configuration changes mean there’s a notification solution for just about any size of business, like the Premium edition for large enterprises, the Standard edition which is a streamlined but full-featured version of the enterprise product and the Essentials edition which provides a reliable, basic notification tool.