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In a tough economy, innovation rules

Budgets are squeezed these days and most people are looking for ways to get more out of the tools they already have. If notification is one of the tools in your arsenal, you’re in luck, as there are lots of innovative ways to use it.

Some creative uses of notification include a clinic that uses it to send medication reminders to seniors, a luxury hotel that uses it to discreetly summon security teams and an HR department that delivers notifications to share health information during flu season. One resort hotel told how they successfully evacuated guests during a bomb threat by sending alerts to cell numbers gathered through the reservation process. A large multinational company told us how they were able to reach corporate travelers all over the globe when the Icelandic volcanic eruption interfered with air traffic, leaving many employees stranded.

Our latest story comes from Venyu, a premier provider of cloud, datacenter and data protection services. The customer care team at Venyu needed an easy way to send frequent maintenance reminders to customers via the customers’ preferred mode, while respecting their frequency preferences. Intelligent Notification lets them honor customer preferences while reducing the time it takes to deliver important messages from hours to just minutes.

Download the case study and see how Venyu saved time, simplified communications and found a way to keep their contact database clean and current using Intelligent Notification.