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Tornadoes can try the toughest of business continuity plans

The southern US is both recovering from recent tornadoes and bracing as storms approach. Although the likelihood of a tornado may be easy to predict, the behavior of one isn’t. Tornadoes are notoriously unstable, unpredictable weather systems with an enormous capacity for violence and destruction, and trying to plan for them can seem like an exercise in futility.

At least 1,688 tornadoes wrought havoc in the US in 2011, causing 552 fatalities and making it the deadliest season since 1925. 2012 is starting off to be another tragic one, impacting many lives and leaving a path of destruction. Today weary citizens are clearing rubble while bracing for even more storms as spring continues. Businesses are hit hard too, and many are reassessing just how prepared they really are as the season develops.

If you are looking for ways to prepare your business for disruption, we can help. First take an honest and extensive look at how a tornado could affect your business and your people. That will become the basis for your business continuity plan. A critical next step is communication, starting with sharing your plan with your team and considering communications that should take place before, during and after a crisis, ideally using a notification system that’s built for the task. Learn lots more about creating a business continuity plan and learn how your business can effectively use notification when tornadoes threaten.