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What you can expect from business continuity planning tools

When choosing your business continuity tools, remember: a tool is not a solution nor is it a panacea. Just as a typewriter or word processing program may seem essential to producing an effective and powerful report, the typewriter or word processor is merely a tool—it does not write the report.

Choosing the right tool for each element of your business continuity plan is critical. If the tool is not right, your organization will have to change to match the tool rather than the tool matching the organization, much like a square peg trying to fit into the round hole. Once the wrong tool is chosen, no one wants to admit they made a mistake, so they tend to invest even more in the product, trying to make it fit. Often the weakness or mismatch of a particular tool only gets revealed in the heat of a crisis, so it’s wise to carefully consider all the options and choose carefully.

This is not a time when you can cut corners, but must focus on your goal of finding the right tool for your company. That means getting the most you can get out of your budget and finding a tool or set of tools that really fit your organization. Customization is costly and time-consuming and should only be relied on when the right solution can’t be found. And even the best tools, if too clumsy or cumbersome to use, will end up being left on the shelf when needed.

Every company is unique, with its own requirements, limitations, desires and expectations. Take the time to research and choose the right tools and when the inevitable business interruption happens, you’ll be glad you did.