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Corporate culture and business continuity planning

Corporate culture is a term used to describe the psychology, collective beliefs, attitudes, values and processes that give your organization its personality. Some organizations are conservative, others are edgy; some are reliable and others are innovative while some are a combination of all of the above. But each company is unique and that uniqueness is what is referred to as corporate culture. In order to put a solid business continuity toolbox together you need to really understand what is important to your company, culture-wise, before you choose your tools.

What are your company’s show-stoppers?
One way to get to the heart of your corporate culture is to consider what your company might call show-stoppers. Consider this carefully—what are the things that right up front aren’t going to work for your organization?

Things to ask when determining the culture of your company include what level of security do you need? What’s your comfort level with small company providers? How complex is your database? Will you need a lot of support? What level of back-up will you need? Who will own and maintain your data? Does your vendor need to follow a business continuity standard, or have specific certifications, like SAS 70, to reduce your chance of being audited?

Choosing the right business continuity planning tools is a big step, but you can’t go wrong if the tools work well with your culture. For a more complete list of things to consider when determining company culture, get the brief.