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Notification as a tool for the Olympics

In 2010, automated notification played an important role in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. During that time we at MIR3 were especially proud of our association with BC Hydro, the third largest electric utility in Canada. BC Hydro used Intelligent Notification technology to strengthen communications and instantly send security updates, threat advisories, and other important messages to its utility officials during the Games, via email, phone, SMS and Blackberry PIN-to-PIN. If called upon, notification could have been used to immediately mobilize employees in the event of just about any sort of crisis.

Every decade the challenges facing Olympics organizers become more complex, with each event, in effect, creating a variety of temporary yet critical supply chains. For example, the London Olympic organizers have made a commitment to serve as much organic, locally sourced, sustainable food as possible. To pull that off requires tremendous logistical organization and clear communications all the way through the food supply chain. Add to that the planning and management needed in building and maintaining new roads and facilities, playing fields, housing for the athletes and visitors—not to mention the complexity and tight communication needed to broadcast the entire event. There are risks everywhere throughout the process, with security teams working overtime to manage the crowds, the steady stream of deliveries and the energy grid to keep the whole thing moving forward as planned.

So yes, you can bet that with the world’s eyes focused on London this summer, many of the companies supporting the Games, including broadcasters, sponsors and food vendors, are relying on automated notification, including Intelligent Notification from MIR3. Mass notification helps these companies deliver important messages to any number of people at once by a wide variety of means. It’s no wonder notification has become such a key piece of the operational logistics of so many large enterprises, including monumental events like the Olympic Games.