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ECN looks back at history

Just as Florida celebrates 500 years of history this year, Florida-based Emergency Communications Network (ECN) celebrates 15 years of providing trusted, reliable high-speed mass notification software.

In 1513, Ponce de Leon landed on the southern part of what is now the United States’ east coast and named it La Florida. Not too far away from that same location but hundreds of years later, ECN got its humble beginning in 1996 in a sleepy seaside town known as Ormond Beach.

During a devastating summer of wildfires in 1998, Ormond Beach officials called on ECN to utilize our automatic phone dialing system so they could send evacuation notices. Winds shifted the fire close to ECN headquarters and the leadership team knew that communities like yours could benefit from the same technology that could quickly alert groups of people in times of critical need.

An Internet boom and advances in mobile technology allowed us to provide multimodal notification options to clients. Now, clients can launch notifications to cell phones via voice calls, text messages and through GPS technology to deliver location-specific alerts through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. ECN can now integrate with IP-based sirens and digital signage. Contact your sales representative at 866-939-0911 for details.

ECN continues to build its legacy in the notification arena, continuing to pioneer technology that has saved lives and reunited families with loved ones.