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The Advantages of Deploying a Mass Notification Solution in the Healthcare Industry

Today’s healthcare landscape is changing, and so too must your approach to preparing, addressing, and effectively handling situations that require your staff to remain connected. Healthcare facilities need a solution can help support personnel during mass casualty incidents, workplace violence, biological warfare, or viral and pandemic outbreaks. Safety drills are a requirement to test and train personnel on the effective use of technology and processes, and any mass notification solution should play a central role in these routine exercises. These tools are not only important to help communicate to and protect workers while they are work, but can also be used to keep them informed of weather warnings, criminal activity, or other important events occurring within close proximity to work, helping keep them safe and away from potential hazards or harm.

Healthcare facilities have found that utilizing mass notification is effective for these purposes in a wide variety of situations including emergency notifications to staff, reminders of mandatory training, shift recalls, and as a component to their security and emergency management plans.  Staff notifications work especially well in instances where team members spend a majority of their time in home healthcare or remote clinics away from offices, helping them stay informed of operational updates. Many hospitals have found great success in using such a system with issuing interdepartmental notifications for joint commission inspections, allowing multiple departments to collaborate and prepare simultaneously. However, deploying solutions such as SmartNotice for training purposes has been one of the largest factors in justifying the need for the system across healthcare facilities.

With the ability to quickly send text, email, voice, RSS, and desktop notifications to select groups and individuals for immediate alerting, SmartNotice is an optimized system that is ideal for the healthcare industry. This solution is designed to deliver time-sensitive or general messages through various communication channels, allowing healthcare administrators to reach their staff whenever possible with the most up-to-date information.  We are pleased to partner with several prestigious healthcare facilities across the country to help streamline their processes in regards to business continuity, emergency and security planning, and internal notifications, with great success.

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