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An Employee’s Perspective on Receiving Alerts Following the Dayton, Ohio Tornados

On May 28, 2019, eighteen confirmed tornados pummeled Ohio. The Dayton-area was devastated by fourteen of these tornados ranging from EF0 – EF4.

To put it in perspective, the state’s annual average number of tornados is nineteen. In one night, Ohio saw more tornados than it sees in an entire year. This level of storm intensity and magnitude is rare for the area – leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power or running water, and thousands of families homeless.

Photo of the aftermath of the Dayton Ohio tornado in 2019As an OnSolve employee, I hear about weather emergencies constantly; but I never thought I’d see this level of destruction in my hometown.

OnSolve has an office located in the heart of Dayton and is home to almost 30 employees. We also have offices and remote employees all over the world. Our headquarters in Ormond Beach, Florida, is no stranger to inclement weather as the area is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Having a geographically dispersed workforce is the standard for many of today’s organizations and can sometimes present challenges that most companies aren’t prepared for, such as the numerous turbulent twisters that caused over 200 injuries and an exorbitant amount of damage that will cost millions to repair.

Photo of the aftermath of the Dayton Ohio tornado in 2019The morning after the storm, the Dayton office was without power and water. The surrounding area experienced extensive damage creating unsafe conditions and road closures. OnSolve initiated voice and text alerts to all its Dayton employees informing them of the office closure and requesting the status of their well-being via text message.  The messages asked employees to respond with “I am okay” or “I need assistance”.

Within minutes, all employees were confirmed safe. After each employee was marked safe, another message was sent to the entire organization, informing them of the events in Dayton and the good news that all impacted employees were unharmed and safe.

To be on the receiving end of those alerts after such a devastating disaster provided a sense of relief, knowing your organization cares about you and your family’s well-being.

Photo of the aftermath of the Dayton Ohio tornado in 2019The amount of destruction and devastation these tornados brought will leave a lasting impact on our city and will take a significant amount of time to clean-up and rebuild. If there is one positive thing that came from all the chaos, it’s the sense of community and the willingness of strangers and neighbors willing to help each other in time of need.

Be prepared for the unthinkable – you never know when it could happen to you.

No matter the size or how severe the event, you can rest assured OnSolve will deliver critical alerts at a moment’s notice. Even if OnSolve isn’t your notification provider, having an emergency notification system is vital now more than ever.

For best practices and tips to help prepare in the event that a tornado impacts your organization, check out our blog on how to better incorporate this natural disaster into your business continuity plan.

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