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Anatomy of a successful mass notification

Letters and fountain pen

Every notification, or message, is unique, but to be effective, every one should include certain basic elements. The uniqueness off the notification, combined with its purpose, will inform you as to which types of devices should be targeted, when the message should be sent, and if there is a need to escalate the message to other recipients. So each time you craft a notification, consider its personality and purpose, then ask yourself if it requires action and response.

The core elements of a notification are the ones that are consistent no matter what the use case. Core elements typically include:

  • To: Is the message targeted to a region, a level within the company, a department, etc.? Will you need to use different languages for different recipients?
  • From: It’s best to identify the sender by function rather than name (Security, Management, etc.) and identify the sender immediately
  • Introduction: Quickly identify the purpose of the notification as a test, alert, reminder, etc.
  • Content: Be concise and specific; say only what needs to be said
  • Call to action: Be clear what action or response you want from the recipient

By breaking down all notifications into these core elements, you’ll make easier for your recipients to interact and respond the way you wish. Keep tuned, as we’ll be exploring more and better ways to use notification in future posts.