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Another 1200 British Troops Called Up as London Prepares for Olympic Games

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The New York Times reports today that the British Government has called up an additional 1,200 troops in preparation for the Olympic Games, which are set to start this Friday evening. This increase in manpower comes “amid intensifying concerns over the security plan,” and “an embarrassing failure by the global security company, G4S, to provide the staff it promised,” reports the Times.

In preparation for the event, senior ministers, military and police commanders and other officials have been meeting on a daily basis in order to manage the security and transportation situation in London, “where the Olympics are expected to put a huge strain on roads and public transportation networks.”

The government has expressed on numerous occasions that it wishes to leave nothing to chance during the Games, which will be the largest peacetime event ever staged in the country.

Despite these last-minute precautions, however, it looks like the spirit of the Olympic Games has endured. Reporting out of London for Reuters, Mike Collett-White wrote earlier today, “For all the grumbling by a notoriously critical media and Londoners braced for disruptions to their daily lives, the sense of excitement was palpable with the Games just around the corner and the sun shining brightly after weeks of rain.”