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Are you getting the most you can from your mass notification system?

BestPractices-WEBINAR-LandingPage-IconWhen a crisis or business interruption occurs, you’ve got to get information to your stakeholders fast. Whether because of an IT incident, supply chain glitch, urgent employee communication or even to shoot out a quick a message to visitors or contractors at your facility, it makes sense to use a mass notification system to deliver vital information. If the interruption is the kind where misinformation can run rampant, it’s especially important to get your information out quickly because, as we all know, if you don’t say it, the various social media venues soon will.

Lots of organizations have powerful notification systems in place, but they never use that system to its full potential. In our newest webinar, Best Practices in Using a Notification System, we’ll show how you can get the most out of the system you already have. In the process, you’ll see how to give your organization the best chance of surviving a crisis and avoiding the risk of rampant. Regardless of how you’re using notification in your organization today, you’ll learn ways use your system in a more streamlined way and to clarify your message to improve communication in time of crisis.