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ASIS UK Prepares for the Olympics with Send Word Now

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With just 52 days until the 2012 Olympic Games, businesses and organizations in London are preparing for the big event. The UK Chapter of ASIS International announced Friday that they will be using Send Word Now’s messaging service to send out security alerts and urgent messages during this summer’s Games.

The UK Chapter of ASIS International is a part of the Olympic Cross Sector Security Communication program (CSSC). They will use Send Word Now to deliver security and business continuity information throughout the 2012 Summer Olympics. The service will allow the organization to communicate important and potentially critical information to members, including senior security professionals across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Mike Hurst, Vice Chairman of Strategy at ASIS UK, said that the organization is “very excited by the system’s ease of use, flexibility, and security features.” He added, “Additionally, after the Games have finished, quick security communications will remain one of our highest priorities. We are convinced that Send Word Now will continue to lend us tremendous support in all of our future endeavors.”

Knowing the support that ASIS International provides to security professionals around the world, Tony Schmitz, President and CEO of Send Word Now, stated that company was glad to assist in their security efforts. Schmitz said, “We are delighted to provide our services to ASIS UK during this year’s Olympic Games, when the whole world will turn its attention toward London.”