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Ask Don: Sharing pre-disaster information

“We are considering the use of our CodeRED mass notification system to share disaster preparedness information to the public in advance of Tropical Storm Karen. Do any of your other clients use the system in this way with success?”

Don Hall, ECN's Director of Government Relations
Don Hall, ECN’s Director of Government Relations

Yes! A great majority of our clients use their CodeRED system to successfully disseminate pre-disaster, life-safety information and protective action recommendations to their citizens. In fact, pre-storm is the most optimal time to gain the serious attention of the general public. We highly recommend to our clients  that they utilize their system during this time for several factors. Number one, it provides yet another avenue to share valuable life-safety information and number two, it also provides an opportunity for you to encourage them to provide opt-in additional contact information about them that you may not already have in your data base. Suggest that they share the opt-in information to their friends and neighbors so that they will also be able to receive your emergency messages. In every case, the opt-in participation rate significantly increases when pre-storm calls are conducted by our clients.

In times of threatening emergencies, you will find that your citizens appreciate your outreach and are comforted by your call. Take this opportunity to let your mass notification system work as it should for you. You may also want to consider the use of the CodeRED system post-storm as well. They need to hear that their community leaders are concerned about their well-being and are on the job working to protect them, all the while sending important safety and recovery information.

If you wish to have a one-on-one discussion about how your CodeRED system can assist you during this time, please feel free to contact me at 866-939-0911. I will be happy to assist you. If you are not a CodeRED client and need to employ our services for this or any disaster, please contact us immediately.

Thanks for the great question ~  DON


ECN opened up the opportunity for you to connect with Don Hall. Hall has spent more than 40 years in public safety so his emergency management experience makes him ideal for helping our current clients, potential customers and the emergency management community to interact with regarding the need and use of mass notification systems for state and local governments.

This platform was created to make your questions for Hall, heard. If you have anything you would like to ask him please click here to email your question and he will address your question directly, right here in our “Ask Don” blog.