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Automated Weather Warning Systems

Who would have expected a killer tornado to strike in the United States on New Year’s Eve? Certainly the folks in Missouri and Arkansas didn’t, but it did. These weather phenomena often catch even the most seasoned weather forecasters off guard or at the very least, leave little time for precautionary actions once they are discovered. When severe weather warnings are posted by the National Weather Service, time is of the essence.

During hurricanes and tropical storms the probability of multiple tornadoes forming in any one jurisdiction is very high and their exact location is difficult to predict. The same theory holds true for storms that rapidly become more intense than the best weather tools can forecast, such as the recent tornadoes in the mid-west. When these rare weather incidents arise, you want to be prepared to quickly provide potentially lifesaving warnings to your residents.

No emergency management program should be without an automated notification system which recognizes your location and that of the inbound weather. CodeRED Weather Warning is just the type of innovative technology that can alert citizens and help them prepare to protect themselves and their property.

An automated severe weather monitoring system will prove to be an invaluable communications tool and will give public safety and elected officials greater peace of mind knowing that citizens will receive warnings rapidly and without the need for human intervention. Please contact ECN to learn more about CodeRED Weather Warning.