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Best Practices for Increasing CodeRED® Enrollments: Part 1

Your community-wide critical communication service, CodeRED provides a centralized method to keep residents and employees informed before, during, and after a storm or other event. Increasing public awareness and enrollment in your system is vital to ensure that all residents receive alerts and emergency messages related to inclement weather, evacuation notices, missing persons, active shooters and other disaster response efforts. So just how do you jumpstart community awareness and enrollments? Read on to learn several best practices and tips for promoting CodeRED registrations.

Conducting an all-call is a great way to encourage your residents to sign up for the CodeRED system.

  • Test the system, validate your current data, and explain the benefits of opting-in for alerts.
  • An all-call can provide citizens with an idea of how they will be alerted during an emergency.

Website / Landing site
Post the CodeRED logo and registration link on your homepage. This serves as a consistent reminder for residents to opt-in for the service.

  • Create a landing site for CodeRED featuring important information and FAQs to explain the service, including examples of alerts they may receive and focusing on how residents benefit.
  • Utilize other regional resources such as cities within your county, fire departments, police departments, dispatch centers, and other emergency management components and ask them to include the CodeRED logo and registration link on their websites.

Social media
Leverage the reach and power of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to notify your followers about the CodeRED system.

  • Create campaigns/posts to drive awareness, highlighting successful use cases and incorporating images and visuals.
  • Re-tweet or “share” related content.
  • Encourage residents to ask questions about the system and share personal examples of how alerts have helped them.
  • Cross-promote with other departments and businesses, encouraging the public to register.
  • Poll residents on how they would like to be informed with notifications – this gets them actively engaged and participating.

Use your local media as much as possible. All of these mediums serve as wonderful places to promote your landing site and registration link.

  • Distribute press releases.
  • Conduct news interviews and encourage video news segments.
  • Pitch to local newspapers for articles featuring the community’s benefit.
  • Record and release radio bumper advertisements and/or request on-air interviews.
  • Be sure to relay how alerts can help residents by citing previous local scenarios people can connect with, such as local inclement weather, natural disasters, missing persons, and more.

Community events
Participate in community events to bolster awareness and engage with individuals who aren’t online or who don’t consume broadcast media often.

  • Have a registration table at local events to assist residents with information and signing up.
  • Create community fliers (or business card promotional pieces) to hand out.
  • Use CodeRED templates for written materials and other resources for distribution at local festivals, holiday celebrations, concerts, farmers markets, rest stops and welcome centers, city hall, and other frequently visited venues.

Additional exposure
Get creative and put other organizations to use to help you spread the word.

  • Work with local utility and phone providers to have a custom insert included with monthly bills.
  • Do a direct postcard mail campaign targeted at high population centers.
  • Work with local retailers to post promotional materials and signs at their businesses.
  • Consider the use of local billboards, posters, and banners at high-traffic events, business grand openings, and other locations like movie theaters, concert halls, farmers markets, and community centers.
  • Distribute branded promotional items (i.e. flashlight, first aid kit, etc.) to the first 1,000 (or other targeted number of residents) who opt-in.
  • Work with local school to distribute safety awareness information, alerting kids who can in turn inform their parents of important safety precautions.
  • Work with local civic groups such as Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, rotary clubs, Elk Lodge, etc. to hang posters, hand out fliers, and drive awareness.
  • Extend the reach of your program by inviting local large employers, civic and community groups, colleges, schools, and other organizations to include a link to your CodeRED system on their website, message board, and materials.

Utilize the CodeRED Resource Library
The Resource Library is full of sample materials and templates for you to customize and promote once your account is set up. If you have ideas of additional tools that would be helpful, be sure to contact our Client Support team!