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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the hidden risks

ArmorYou’d have to be living under a turkey-shaped rock not to know that a new tradition has emerged around Thanksgiving. Beyond feasting with family and falling asleep in front of the football game, Thanksgiving is now just as much about the days after—Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the official start to the Christmas shopping season.

For many, Black Friday is an established tradition; shoppers happily line up at retail stores at the crack of dawn, and retailers prepare well in advance to greet them with deals.

Cyber Monday is a more recent development—the Internet counterpoint to Black Friday, although, increasingly, online retailers are offering deals on not only Black Friday but also the entire week leading up to it.

None of this is news if you’re in retail, of course—but what may be new to you are the risks lurking behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Too-good-to-pass-up sales can cause unprecedented Web traffic, which can in turn cause not only product shortages, but overloaded servers and crashed systems—bringing your carefully tuned ecommerce offering to a halt.

Fortunately, as business continuity planners, we’re able work to prevent such disruptions. When (not if) they do occur, things will need to be up and running again quickly; preparation ahead of time can be invaluable.

This is where a comprehensive business continuity plan can make a difference.

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In five chapters you’ll learn:

  • Whether your BC plan covers all the bases when it comes to the risks that face your business
  • How to conduct a Business Impact Analysis to provide a foundation to carry you through Cyber Monday and more
  • How to create, develop and document a business continuity strategy
  • Options for integrating your business continuity toolkit
  • How to roll out your BC plan, test and measure your results

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