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Blog Mini Series: One-click Connect for Emergency Communications

When your company is in crisis, you are well aware that unfortunately, life didn’t come with an easy button. However, with Send Word Now’s revolutionary recipient mobile application, SWN Direct, our One-Click Connect feature is the next best thing to an easy button, giving you a one-touch connection to the information you need.

The configurable SWN One-Click Connect feature provides easy connection to critical information in a couple of key ways:

Inbound Emergency Communications

While outbound communications are typically the focus of an emergency notification system, another important element is inbound communications. Inbound communications gives your stakeholders the opportunity to call into a “message board,” navigate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu, or connect to your own call center to gain or report valuable information regarding the situation at hand.

With the SWN Direct app in hand, your alert recipients are just one click away from inbound information. Recipients don’t need to remember any phone numbers or websites. And, because SWN Direct uses Internet Protocol (IP) end-to-end, long-distance fees and international tariffs associated with inbound calls are a thing of the past.

Customer Support for Launching Alerts

For system users, Send Word Now offers 24x7x365 live customer support with experts (not an answering service). As part of our standard offering, we even offer a full concierge service so that, if requested, we can actually prepare and launch notifications for you. Now with SWN Direct, our trained professionals can be one easy click away. No numbers to remember. No hoops to jump through. Just high level service at your fingertips.

You know it’s true: There is no easy button for life. But with the One-Click Connect feature of the SWN Direct mobile app, you might just start to question it.

Want to learn more now? Visit our SWN Direct page, or request a demo of the all-new SWN Direct app, now available from the Apple® Store.