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Blog Mini Series: Overcoming Voice Limitations

6 Minute Read

When we were children in elementary school, we all enjoyed playing the game “telephone.” One person would whisper a message into the ear of a classmate, who whispered that same message to the next classmate in line, and so on. It was always funny to hear the last person say the message out loud because it was hilariously different by the time it made it through the entire class.

Somehow messages like “I love cotton candy at the fair!” always ended up being something silly like “Chloe has bubble gum in her hair.”

Little did we know that while playing the telephone game during a rainy recess time, we were learning a valuable lesson – it doesn’t take much for communication to break down. And, for business resilience professionals, that lesson still resonates today.

When critical events threaten operations or safety, you can’t always rely on word of mouth over traditional phone calls to communicate with management, employees, suppliers, clients, or other stakeholders. Messages will get distorted. Call trees will break down. Phone service may potentially be limited or unavailable, as evidenced during Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and on 9/11, when calls could not even made to 9-1-1.  Plus, variable international fees can be a huge budget drain.

At Send Word Now, it is our priority to ensure that you are able to reach your targeted audiences in every situation. Because we are aware of the limitations associated with traditional phone calls, Send Word Now recently developed an innovative voice alternative known as SWN Express Voice, a key feature within the recently released SWN Direct mobile app.

Unveiled on June 19, 2014, and now available for iPhone®, SWN Direct utilizes IP networking end to end for the quick, secure delivery of voice, text and files seamlessly to recipient mobile devices anywhere in the world. Users know in advance what percentage of their recipient target audience is reachable or “on-net” before they communicate, and there’s no dependency upon third-party phone lines that might impact successful transmission of the message. Additionally, through Send Word Now’s integrated Get Word Back feature, users can obtain the feedback they need for immediate, appropriate action and ultimately, successful recovery.

The SWN Express Voice feature, available as a standard option in the SWN Direct App, offers fully integrated and richly featured voice and call conferencing services via SIP/RTP over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It lets you bypass traditional phone networks to join conference calls directly from voice alerts (simply press “1”), plus avoid variable usage fees – a major cost savings for any organization.

At Send Word Now, we’re relatively certain Alexander Graham Bell could have never imagined what would become of his invention – the telephone – in 1876. We’re also pretty confident that even with its shortcomings, phones will continue to be everyone’s preferred method of communication, whether we’re calling or texting to say, “I love cotton candy at the fair,” or “The office will be closed today due to inclement weather.”

Fortunately, revolutionary new technologies like SWN Direct (with its SWN Express Voice feature) will help organizations stay connected both in emergencies and every day.

Want to learn more now? Visit our SWN Direct page, or request a demo of the all-new SWN Direct app, now available from the Apple® Store.