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Blog Mini Series: Secure Transfer and Version Control of Critical Files

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes time to activate your emergency notification system, sometimes a picture, an emergency response map, or an important document containing sensitive information (such as a health record or a business continuity plan) is priceless.

When you need to get an important document into the hands of your key personnel during a crisis situation, you may face several challenges. Fortunately, Send Word Now’s groundbreaking new application, SWN Direct, offers an integrated feature known as SWN LockBox to ensure your key personnel are accessing the most timely, up-to-date document in a simple, secure way.

Challenge 1: Employees may not be accessing the most recent version of a document you need them to view. If employees are accessing documents that were previously sent over email, they may be interacting with an older version containing incomplete or inaccurate information. Also, if changes were made to a document after it was sent, you need to ensure that the most recent version is available.

SWN Direct Solution: SWN Direct’s Lock Box feature allows you to maintain version control for uploaded documents. Once a document is uploaded, it replaces previous versions of that document to eliminate confusion and ensure that your key personnel are accessing the most timely, up-to-date reference source.

Challenge 2: In an emergency situation, your key personnel may not have access to your company’s secure databases, email servers, or work computers. If email servers or shared drives are down, this greatly limits employees’ ability to locate and access critical documents.

SWN Direct Solution: The SWN LockBox feature allows users to access key documents through a mobile device. The user has the ability to access these documents even if the device is off-net.

Challenge 3: Your data must be kept private and secure at all times, whether your document is in transmission or being stored.

SWN Direct Solution: Through the SWN LockBox feature, we transfer and store all files securely. Lock Box also allows you to send encrypted and user credential protected files to your employees. With our security measures in place, you can focus solely on business continuity without the fear that your data or documents are being compromised. SWN Direct (with its SWN Lock Box feature) will help your company provide key players with the most up-to-date, secure documents at all times.

Want to learn more now? Visit our SWN Direct page, or request a demo of the all-new SWN Direct app, now available from the Apple® Store.