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BOMA/Chicago Highlits Use of Send Word Now During NATO Summit

3 Minute Read

In a recent post on The Elevator Speech, the online voice of Chicago’s building owners and managers (BOMA/Chicago), Executive Vice President Michael Cornicelli lists five takeaways from last months’ NATO Summit, which was held in the windy city.

While the summit was a great opportunity for the city to showcase its many great offerings, it was also “an opportunity to test our preparedness, evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and think about how we might improve our protocols for the future,” writes Cornicelli.

Cornicelli praises the tremendous efforts of the Chicago Police Department and other public sector agencies, and also commends the preparation and planning done within the private sector in the months leading up to the NATO Summit.

Now that the conference is over, he says, BOMA and the businesses it represents have begun task of evaluating those preparations, to make sure they’re even better in the future. And as BOMA continues to conduct after-action studies, Cornicelli points out the lessons that the organization has already learned.

He advises building owners to prepare, promote inter-agency cooperation, stay true to their missions, count on their teams, and most importantly, engage technology. “We incorporated resources such as Send Word Now to frequently and effectively to communicate key messages before and during the Summit,” he writes. “This was especially important at those times when events were developing rapidly and needed prompt attention and action.”

Send Word Now is proud to have been able to help building managers in Chicago prepare this historic event, and we look forward to our continued partnership with BOMA/Chicago!