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How to build a cyber response plan you can rely on

ManageRisk diceCybercrime has become so common that virtually every organization is at risk. Here are some sobering statistics:

  • IBM and Ponemon report the average cost of stolen data is $154 per record. In the healthcare industry specifically, that average cost rises to $363.
  • According to Microsoft, attackers often stay undetected in a network for more than six months.
  • PWC says the year-over-year growth of cyber-attacks in 2015 was almost 40%.
  • And a Forbes article puts the estimated cost of cybercrime at $2 Trillion by 2019.

Despite efforts to detect and deflect breaches, attacks are increasing, becoming more sophisticated and more capable of harm. That means the chances are good that at some point—likely in the near future—your organization will suffer a breach that compromises critical assets.

Fortunately, a new webinar from MIR3 can show you how to prepare for the inevitable by developing a comprehensive response plan.

Join industry expert and MIR3 president Ann Pickren, and Cheryl Carmel, information security expert and VP of security at MIR3, as they guide you through developing an effective cyber-incident-response program.

You’ll learn how to build a cyberattack response team, choose appropriate formulas, practice for an attack and keep your plan up-to-date. And since communication in the wake of an attack is critical, you’ll get tips on reducing potential backlash from stakeholders and customers while supporting and reinforcing your brand. Most important, you’ll learn what it takes to establish a culture of cyber-awareness in your organization.