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How to improve response to emergency notification

Cellphone rescueStumped about how to get your recipients to respond when you send a mass notification? Whether you’re awaiting a simple confirmation or for more critical information, lack of response can be frustrating and even dangerous. The best way to tackle this issue is by training or habituating recipients with non-emergency notifications.

One fun way to do this is by staging a competition between business units. Measure time-to-response and percentage-of-response and share the results. There is nothing more motivating than creating a competitive environment and publishing the winning business unit results.

Another way to improve response rates is to run campaigns on your notification program to get both recipients and initiators to engage in the process. Find a way to recognize or reward those who respond most consistently.

Watch for specific patterns of participation; some people may never answer, or only before or after a certain time. This may be because they are unavailable or may indicate they don’t feel comfortable with the system. These are important issues to address, and with good reporting, you can target those users and provide counseling and training to bring them up to an acceptable level.

Use your system. By using your notification system regularly, rather than desensitize your recipients you’ll instill a valuable pattern. Rates of response will continue to grow, particularly as you notify your audience about different things and reach out by different modes, like phone, email, SMS, etc.

There are lots of ways to improve response and make your business safer in the process. Learn more with the brief Techniques for Improving Notification Response Rates.