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Can mass notification do more than you think?

HiringMention using mass notification as a tool and most executives think either “Oh, our company isn’t big enough,” or “Well, that’s just for emergencies.” (Or both.) But the fact is that automated mass notification is used for non-emergencies—and by companies of all sizes—almost every day.

Take the example of Fusco Personnel, a small job placement firm in New York State that, despite its size, has been an industry leader for more than two decades. The company works with both clients and candidates to provide highly qualified personnel from entry-level to the C-suite.

When Fusco’s recruitment staff gets a call from a client (requesting a full-time hire, for example, or temporary help), they swing into motion. As a first step, recruiters sift through an extensive database of known candidates checking for necessary education levels, training, experience, competencies and availability.

But that’s what every placement firm does. Fusco knows that to stand out from the crowd while building lasting relationships with both client companies and employee candidates, speed is of the essence. When a client reaches out to a recruiter, it’s often because of an urgent employment need—the company that can fill that need quickly and effectively has a competitive advantage.

Why? Most recruiters follow a standard process: start dialling each candidate match—sometimes three dozen or more—providing details of the job opportunity by phone or leaving a voicemail message for those who don’t answer, and then field a flurry of return calls. This process keeps a typical recruitment firm on the phone for hours. And it often leads to situations where highly qualified candidates miss out on great opportunities, simply because they got the voicemail too late or couldn’t otherwise connect with the recruiter.

But Fusco isn’t “most recruiters”—and that’s where mass notification comes in.

When Fusco gets the call that a client needs a placement, they skip the phone and send an automated message to qualified candidates using MIR3. More importantly, they do so without taking time away from other important tasks.

This way all candidates get the same message at the same time, giving each one the responsibility (and the capability) of responding if he or she were available and interested. Notifications are sent to candidates in a variety of ways, including by phone to home or mobile numbers, by SMS and by email; this increases the likelihood that every potential employee gets the message quickly.

Since Fusco serves clients in industries ranging from customer service and healthcare to finance and law—reaching out to as many as 300 candidates per week, mass notification has been an enormous time-saver. Contracting hundreds of candidates used to take recruiters hours, but with mass notification, the same job takes only about ten minutes.

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