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Case Study: How NetApp Uses Send Word Now for to Keep Employees Safe

3 Minute Read

NetApp, a proprietary computer storage and data management company, is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, but its employees work at over 150 sites worldwide. This means that keeping those staff members safe, secure, and well-informed during emergencies can be a real challenge.

In March of 2011, when a powerful tsunami struck off the coast of Japan, security managers at NetApp needed a way to locate all employees in the region to make sure that they were safe. As soon as the team received word of the disaster, it sent out a Send Word Now message with several response options to the hundreds of NetApp employees based in Japan. Within a short time, all employees had been located and accounted for.

Chris Naraval, the company’s Safety and Security Data Systems Administrator, said afterward, “we received really good feedback after the tsunami,” he says. “Our employees really appreciated that we had this outreach system in place, and that we went above and beyond to try to help them as best we could during that difficult time.”

Since then, the company has been confident in its ability to respond quickly to crises, and Send Word Now has become its primary emergency notification tool. “We have over 19,000 contacts in the system,” explains Naraval, “and we can use Send Word Now to reach them all – almost instantly – whenever something goes wrong.”

To read more about how NetApp has used Send Word Now’s on-demand notification tools, check out the full case study here.