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Case Study: Marston’s PLC Uses Send Word Now to Coordinate its Business Continuity Efforts Throughout the UK

3 Minute Read

Marston’s PLC, the UK’s leading independent brewing and pub retailing business, operates over 2,000 locations across England and Wales. From pubs passionate about cask beers, to family restaurants and town centre venues – Marston’s has all types of establishments set at the heart of thriving local communities.

At the company’s headquarters in West Midland, UK, Business Continuity Coordinator Harriet Wood is responsible for communicating with managers at the organization’s breweries and distribution sites should anything go wrong. As the business grew, Wood realized that the company needed an automated communication platform to be able to respond effectively during critical situations. That platform was Send Word Now.

“Because our products are served in many pubs across geographical areas, being able to get in touch with everyone with just the click of a button is extremely helpful,” says Wood. “Using the Get Word Back response feature, our managers can also respond directly to our messages and let us know if a pub requires any additional resources.”

“Within our business, it has been recognized over and over again that this is a very effective communication tool,” she adds.

“Now, when we hear that we need to improve communication somewhere, we ask ourselves, can we use Send Word Now for that?”

To learn more about how Marston’s uses Send Word Now, read the full case study here!