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CASE STUDY: How WestJet Airlines realized improved efficiency and streamlined communication by partnering with Send Word Now

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, WestJet Airlines, Ltd., launched its business operations in 1996 in response to increased demand for airline options outside of traditional, high-priced carriers. Today, the public organization has passenger revenues totaling over $4 billion (CAD) and employs over 10,000 workers. It is the second largest Canadian air carrier, transporting over 45,000 passengers a day.

Due to the rapid company expansion, the emergency communication system in place since the company’s inception was unable to handle the increased growth. The leadership team made it a priority to find a better solution.

Priority Project #1

When Troy Herman started as a Flight Operations Project Manager in 2014, little did he know that he would hit the ground running with what was considered priority project #1 around the WestJet offices. “The company had an old emergency response system that was used by the Operations team. It was a proprietary system and it was at the end of its lifecycle. I was immediately challenged with finding a replacement. We needed something that was more efficient. I was introduced to Send Word Now and began researching the platform’s capabilities.”

WestJet, first and foremost, needed a system that could address emergencies and communicate information to the right internal parties. “If a bird hits a plane, for example, an update must go to the technical groups on the ground ASAP so they know that a special review of the equipment is needed when the plane lands,” explains Mr. Herman. Following an extensive vendor review, leadership agreed that Send Word Now would meet (and in some cases, exceed) their needs and would be a great fit technically.

High-Flying Features and Benefits

WestJet notes that because they intended to add over 900 employees as potential alert recipients, they were concerned about how to collect accurate contact data for each individual.

The onboarding was handled quite well, and Mr. Herman very much appreciated the assistance provided by his Send Word Now Account Managers. “We received such responsive service. No matter if we had questions or needed help with training and setup, someone was there to help us and assist. We had positive feedback internally across the board. The features and benefits are very clear.”