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CodeRED client support team available to assist with impending nor’easter

Remember that your CodeRED Client Support team provides around the clock support to help you launch calls and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are already monitoring weather reports and are available to help schedule preemptive calls to your community ahead of the storm.

We encourage you to use the CodeRED mass notification system to communicate safety information related to the nor’easter, including school and government business closures, road closures, shelter information and how to report damage or power outages.

To ensure message accuracy, remember the following:

  1. Launch to the EMERGENCY database. Citizens can opt-out of receiving general notifications, so clients are encouraged to launch to theEMERGENCY database when sending safety information.
  2. In every message, include your agency name, the date and time frame of the event. This ensures that those who do not answer live know exactly who the message is from and the time frame of the alert.
  3. Keep messages to 30 seconds or less, when possible. Most voice mail machines cut off at the 45 second mark; therefore it is important to record the most critical information within the first 30 seconds and keep the message short to avoid call drop-offs.
  4. Limit messages to only pertinent information, including who is affected, what action needs to be taken, when the action needs to be taken and where to get additional help or assistance.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 866-939-0911 with any questions or concerns regarding your CodeRED system. Our highly skilled Operations Team is standing by to provide you live assistance.