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CodeRED emergency notification system and missing children

People_-Baby-CryingThe benefits of having and using an emergency notification system during a missing persons case are innumerable, and the information gathered can be invaluable when time is limited.

Recently, two young teenage boys went missing while at sea in Florida, and have yet to be found. The Coast Guard searched for the young teenagers for over a week, and as of July 30, the rescuers still could not find the boys, according to CNN. On Friday, July 31, the Coast Guard ended their search. CodeRED can be valuable during times like these to not only notify residents, but the search teams and any local authorities that are involved.

Using CodeRED, a message can be sent to all residents informing them of a missing person. In Belle Fourche, SD, a similar situation arose where a young girl was missing. Officials sent an alert notifying residents of what the girl looks like, what clothes she was wearing and where she was last seen. At the end of the message, residents were given a number to call if the child had been spotted.

Missing persons situations can also be a good time for you to stress the importance of the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. A Child is Missing is a non-profit organization that assists law enforcement in the search of missing persons of all ages and posts their alerts on the CodeRED Mobile Alert app daily. Their service is free to law enforcement agencies, and is available 24/7/365. A Child is Missing has 1,900 safe assisted recoveries to its credit in writing, and the program has been successfully running for 18 years. A Child is Missing specializes in more than missing children — sending alerts for the elderly, people with disabilities and college students.

Additionally, the CodeRED Mobile Alert app opens the opportunity for travelers with the app to see the alert and be aware of the situation happening in the community—providing additional eyes that could supply that invaluable information.

It is crucial for your local law enforcement or government officials to use a notification system, and to work with A Child is Missing to alert residents through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. As safety officials, using these tools can make your community feel cared for and safe.