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CodeRED weather warning receives rave reviews

Death Toll Would Have Been Higher

In the small community of Vilonia, Arkansas severe weather destroyed dozens of homes and killed two people. Faulkner County Sheriff Karl Byrd believes that the death toll would have been much worse without CodeRED Weather Warning. “With a storm of this magnitude, I can tell you that lives were saved due to CodeRED Weather Warning. Before this massive storm, citizens were informed and were able to get themselves and their families to a safe place,” said Byrd

“Unlike the sirens that blared continuously for over three hours the other night, CodeRED Weather Warning only notifies citizens if they are in potential danger with specific instructions and information. This helps avoid panic and confusion,” said Byrd.

Sheriff Byrd continued, “My entire staff and their families are signed up for this service due to its ability to accurately pinpoint areas that will be impacted by the storm. Instead of a weather radio, I make sure my phone is next to the bed when I go to sleep at night. I know that when my phone rings and wakes me up it means that CodeRED Weather Warning is anticipating the path of severe weather.”

Lives Were Saved

Three tornadoes in Dade County, Georgia wiped out most major apartment complexes. County Executive Ted Rumley confirmed that 80% of the apartment occupants were registered to receive CodeRED Weather Warning alerts. In the Dade County Sentinel Rumley said that many lives were saved due to the 30 minute notice people received through CodeRED Weather Warning before tornadoes destroyed the area. “This has been the best business investment ever when it comes to saving lives in our county,” said Rumley.

Many Were Able To Seek Shelter

The same day that the Dahlonega Nugget newspaper introduced CodeRED Weather Warning to area citizens, a weather system responsible for hundreds of deaths across the South hit Lumpkin County, Georgia. After the storm, newspaper reporters heard from many local residents that CodeRED Weather Warning gave them enough time to seek shelter for themselves and their families. In a recent editorial, the newspaper recognized CodeRED Weather Warning as a wise investment for the safety of citizens and their families.

Mom and Baby Kept Safe

Patty Sullivan, from the Rusk County Emergency Operations Center shared how CodeRED Weather Warning made a difference in the lives of a young family. As the skies darkened in Tatum, Texas an uneasy wife watched her husband leave for work. Literally seconds later, she received a CodeRED Weather Warning call on her phone. After getting the alert, she grabbed her newborn baby and headed to the safe room in their home. Moments after settling in, she heard shingles being ripped from her roof and debris hitting her home. Unlike the barn and house that were destroyed just down the road, her home withstood the storm. “After the storm, this sweet young mother called to say how thankful she was for CodeRED Weather Warning. She felt that signing up was one of the best things she could have done to keep her baby safe,” said Sullivan.