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How are companies really using EMNS?

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As we explored in previous posts, thinking outside the box about how to extend the use of your mass notification software can lead to unexpected benefits. Here are 13 more ways companies like yours are using their notification systems to help operations run more smoothly and improve relationships with teams, customers, and partners.

  1. IT departments use mass notification to automate system alerts and manage helpdesk tickets, helping to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and keep businesses running smoothly.
  2. When the Icelandic volcanic eruption interfered with air traffic, one company notified mobile workers to let them know what to do about travel interruptions.
  3. In the aftermath of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, a multi-national company sent an alert to executives at all locations, requesting they join an impromptu conference call to coordinate recovery efforts and contingency plans.
  4. A CEO of a large, multi-national organization used mass notification to thank thousands of employees after a particularly successful quarter.
  5. HR departments use mass notification to announce just about anything—holiday parties, training sessions and other corporate events—automatically sending reminder notices and tracking RSVPs.
  6. A power company alerted customers of impending outages with their notification system. Alerts were automatically repeated via landline, cell, text, and email until customers acknowledged receipt.
  7. A security director used mass notification to keep everyone at her refinery apprised as a hurricane developed, sending alerts remotely from her cell phone while she remained at home with her own small children.
  8. A company kept employees, suppliers and customers up-to-date when migrating to a new networking system.
  9. After an earthquake, security officials at one company used mass notification to check in with staff at various plants to assess damages.
  10. When a bomb threat was called into a resort hotel, an alert was sent to all guests, no matter where they were, using cell numbers gathered through the reservation process.
  11. When a musical act scheduled to play at a multi-day concert was delayed, disrupting a complicated schedule, an alert was sent to all organizers and schedules were quickly rearranged without upsetting crowds.
  12. One bank protects its sensitive data by automatically launching an alert to on-call IT staff whenever suspicious activity is detected.
  13. When a stock opportunity presents itself, a broker contacts investors using mass notification—rather than explaining the opportunity to each one, he reaches all potential investors through a single message.
  14. Saving money while improving business operations—what’s not to like about repurposing your mass notification software?

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