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Counting the Costs and Benefits for Business Continuity–An Emergency Notification Provider Perspective

March 17-21, 2014, is Business Continuity Awareness Week. Accordingly, some bloggers recently put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) to contribute to Business Continuity Institute’s inaugural, March 18, flashblog, themed ‘counting the costs.’

In this Send Word Now contribution and posting, we’ll explain how a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) emergency notification service can address your organization’s critical communication needs, all while keeping expenses down.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist – or your organization’s CFO – to tell you the costs associated with business continuity planning are high. Time, resources, and technologies are involved. And, all have the potential to eat away at your operating budget.

As a business resiliency professional, you also know it doesn’t take your organization’s CEO to tell you the costs of not preparing for business disruptions are even higher. Operations, profits, or worse, employee safety, may be jeopardized, putting your organization at even greater risk. It’s a price most aren’t willing to pay – and for good reason.

Many have discovered that cloud computing not only supports their business continuity needs, but also provides significant cost advantages. This is especially true for emergency notification technology, first utilized as premise-based systems in the 1990s, and now largely deployed as a SaaS-based solution.

Supporting this conclusion is a recent Gartner Group study on SaaS implementation and adoption rates, which revealed 94 percent of companies surveyed expected to either maintain or grow their use of SaaS applications in the coming years. Further, more than 60 percent of respondents cited total cost of ownership as the top reason to choose SaaS.

Cloud-based notification solutions can help reduce your total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for the expensive hardware, staffing, maintenance, upgrades and upkeep typically associated with premise-based options. By paying for software on a subscription basis, you not only minimize your costs, but also save time and management resources.

To sum it up, organizations without an effective notification service in place are putting themselves at high risk for physical, financial and reputational losses. Further, they could be wasting money on impractical, outdated and expensive premise-based alerting or incident management systems.

Send Word Now, the leading provider of emergency notification and incident management services, uses a SaaS platform to lower its customers’ total cost of ownership, all while providing the simplest and most effective tools to streamline critical communication efforts.

Let Business Continuity Awareness Week be a time to review and potentially, reinvest, in your organization’s business resiliency plan. Don’t discount the need for – and numerous benefits of – fast, efficient and reliable communication during disruptions, large and small. And, consider a SaaS-based emergency notification solution like Send Word Now to keep employees safe and informed, and your budget in check. _