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County’s CodeRED campaign reunites family

This article appeared on Thursday, August 18, 2011.

Parents Received Alert and were Reunited with Child

In photo below, Suffolk County, New York Executive Steve Levy and Police Commissioner Richard Dormer announce the successful reunion between a wandering 2-year-old boy and his parents through the use of the county’s CodeRED emergency notification system.

“The diligent efforts of our police department and the innovative use of the county’s CodeRED state-of-the-art system reunited two parents with their missing child in a matter of hours,” said Levy, noting that the youngster had apparently made his own way out of the family’s front door in the early-morning hours. “While this story had a happy ending for all involved, let it serve as a cautionary tale for all parents with infants or toddlers to child proof doors and windows, as well as hazards that are within reach.”

According to Dormer, a passing motorist located the child walking in the area of Townline and Dorchester roads in Smithtown at 1:38 a.m. The motorist took the child into safety and contacted the police department, which took the youngster into care at the Fourth Precinct facility. After a police canvass of the area was unable to locate the child’s parents, an emergency telephone notification was made to about 1,200 homes within a half-mile radius, using CodeRED.

Within minutes of the CodeRED mass notification system alert being issued, a family member of the child had received one of the emergency alert calls and contacted police, who then reunited the parents with their child.