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Cyber Monday IT Department Communication Challenges

It’s hard to believe Cyber Monday is only a week away. For many traditional and ecommerce retailers, Cyber Monday is the most significant online shopping day of the year. And it won’t stop there. Online shopping over the next few weeks will provide a significant boost to many companies’ bottom lines.

Monitoring and communicating information about IT outages and failures associated with online retail shopping can be a daunting task. At any time of the year, IT professionals are under intense pressure to safeguard the security of their organization’s data and physical facilities, and to ensure information continues flowing in the event of a disruption.

Mass Notification Systems and Information Technology

Enterprise-class mass notification services, like those offered by Send Word Now, address these challenges by enabling automatic alerts whenever an IT failure occurs. When integrated with third-party applications, such as network monitoring or virus detection software, sophisticated mass notification services can send thousands of alerts to virtually any device within minutes, all without manual intervention. In addition, escalation preferences can be set so notifications continue if first-tier team members are unavailable or unreachable.

Notifications can also be launched by authorized personnel through a computer or mobile device for on-demand situations such as conference calls. All alert and recipient activity is visible through online reports for improved analysis and better employee accountability.

The quick, reliable communication provided by mass alerting services helps staff save time so more attention can be given to fix problems and resume operations quickly.