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Disease outbreak: using your emergency notification system to inform residents

emergency notification systemIs your community prepared for the next disease outbreak? The dissemination of information and guidance among the public is a critical part of the containment process. The CodeRED emergency notification system offered by Emergency Communications Network (ECN) can be used to deliver reassuring and precautionary information about disease outbreaks. The level of awareness concerning the disease, symptoms, prevention and treatment can be greatly improved through the use of the CodeRED emergency notification system.

Tips for alerting the public:

Announce Early

Timely notification is vital in reducing the spread of disease within a community because it can help prevent rumors and misinformation.  The CodeRED emergency notification system allows officials to announce a health risk early, giving authorized users the ability to send phone calls, text messages and emails within minutes. It is always good to have pre-canned message templates developed for many of the risks that could impact your area. An effective emergency informational message must be concise and cover the most important information.

Be Transparent

CodeRED can help public safety officials maintain proactive communication of potential health risks, which can minimize the infectious disease threat. The system helps officials maintain transparency with information concerning the potential risk and its management. As new developments occur, they should be shared with the public through the CodeRED emergency notification system.


Understanding the public’s views and concerns is critical to post-outbreak communication. Knowing how residents perceive a given risk and what their existing beliefs are will help you create the most effective message. Disseminating information through the CodeRED emergency notification system can help mitigate the uncertainty surrounding the severity of the disease. Fear of the disease will lessen with increased awareness.