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Does Your Organization Have an Inclement Weather Plan?

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes for a moment. You wake up in the morning to snow that has been steadily falling for the past few hours. You check Facebook and see that your friends are complaining about icy roads and walkways. The Weather Channel says several more inches are anticipated throughout the day. You are supposed to report to work at eight, but have no idea whether or not the office is open. You have no messages on your phone, and your calls to the office go to voicemail. What do you do?

This is a very real situation experienced by many employees, often with less-than-desirable outcomes for employees and businesses alike. In best case scenarios, employees safely report to work; the office is open; and the day proceeds as normal—albeit with icy return trips looming ahead.

Other scenarios, however, are not so simple. In some cases, employees may stay home because they assume the office is closed and end up missing a scheduled shift or important meeting. In others, employees may report to work only to encounter the frustration of a closed office upon arrival. And in worst cases, employees attempt to report to work, but end up getting into accidents on the way in.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. An inclement weather plan can not only spare your employees from all of these scenarios, but can also save your business from potential consequences ranging from low employee morale to injuries and lawsuits.