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DRJ Announces Troy Harper of OnSolve to speak at Fall Conference “Reimagining Business Resiliency”

Reimagining Business Resiliency – Taking mass notifications to the next level

We’re proud to be a part of DRJ Fall World 2018! If you’re attending this year’s event, we invite you to attend our session, Reimagining Business Resiliency – Taking Mass Notifications to the Next Level. Troy Harper will teach you how to take a more holistic approach to your notification strategy so you can better protect people and other valuable resources.

DRJ’s Fall Conference Reimagining Business Resiliency
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Troy Harper, OnSolve

Mass notification systems have become a core component of most organizations’ business resiliency and disaster recovery operations. But too often notifications require a heavy manual component that can lead to human error, and are siloed from business workflows in a way that limits the value notification systems can deliver to your organization.

Reimagining business resiliency to meet the rapidly evolving threats and challenges your business faces every day – whether it’s a developing ransomware attack, severe weather or an active shooter situation – requires seamlessly integrating automated notifications with key business processes and removing as much of the manual burden as possible. Taking a more holistic approach can better protect people and property, while streamlining internal communications between employees, staff, and decision makers – and externally with the public at large.

About Troy Harper
Troy Harper is the General Manager for OnSolve.

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