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ECN encourages communities to implement CodeRED and CodeRED Weather Warning during National Flood Safety Awareness Week

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is recognizing National Flood Safety Awareness Week March 16-22, 2014. Flooding causes more damage in the U.S. than any other weather related event. This week will highlight the importance of preparing for a flood and educating the public on what actions should be taken in the event of a flood.

Floods can have devastating effects on any community, which makes it essential for residents to take steps to reduce harm. Implementing CodeRED and CodeRED Weather Warning can help keep residents informed and allows them to prepare for the possibility of a flood.

FloodBefore the Event

CodeRED Weather Warning (CRWW) is capable of alerting residents in the direct path of a storm and letting them know that flooding is imminent. This gives the community advanced notice to take appropriate action. CRWW provides automated flash flood warnings from the National Weather Service, requiring no action by the system user. In order for citizens to be prepared, they should be encouraged to enroll to receive notifications, or update their contact information if they recently moved or changed their phone number.

Using the CodeRED mass notification system, city or county officials can inform the community of precautions they can take to protect their families or property against floodwaters.

After the Disaster

Floodwaters pose risks, including infectious diseases, chemical hazards and injuries. Use the CodeRED system to inform residents if tap water is safe to drink or if an area is under a “boil water” advisory. Tell people to turn off electrical power if there is standing water and to be aware of fallen electrical wires. Advise residents to wear waterproof boots and gloves to avoid allowing flood water to come in contact with their skin.

Residents should also be encouraged to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app as part of their preparation efforts in anticipation of flooding. The app uses geospatial technology to deliver location-based alerts directly to any subscriber’s mobile device. App users can be the first to receive a flash flood alert when they’re away from their community.

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