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ECN encourages communities to sign up for CodeRED Weather Warning and download the CodeRED App during Florida’s severe weather awareness week

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app allows subscribers to select specific severe weather alerts.
The CodeRED Mobile Alert app allows subscribers to select specific severe weather alerts.

Florida’s 2014 Severe Weather Awareness Week is taking place this week through Friday. The goal is to promote preparedness by all Floridians for all types of hazards.

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) clients proactively use the CodeRED mass notification system to alert residents of severe weather. Signing up for CodeRED Weather Warning alerts specific to your participating community should be an essential part of an individual’s emergency preparedness plan. The CodeRED Weather Warning system has kept thousands of communities across the nation informed of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash floods.

The CodeRED Weather Warning system automatically sends residents automated severe weather warnings. The system’s technology ensures that only citizens in the path of severe weather are contacted in an effort to increase relevance and reduce false alarms. Warnings are geographically targeted so that the most at-risk areas are called first. Citizens can customize the system to receive any combination of severe weather warnings based on their unique preferences.

Florida residents should also download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app as part of their preparation efforts in anticipation of severe weather. The app uses geospatial technology to deliver location-based alerts directly to any subscriber’s mobile device. App users can listen to any active alert throughout the country at any time to learn essential information regarding evacuations, road closures, potential tornadoes and other urgent warnings issued by public safety officials.

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