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ECN participating in university research regarding emergency tornado notification

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is participating in a new University of Missouri-Columbia research study regarding emergency tornado notifications. ECN has allowed the University to utilize their client base by selecting two communities that were recently impacted by tornadoes, Douglas County, IL and the City of Palm Coast, FL.


ECN provides CodeRED emergency notification software and CodeRED Weather Warning services to both communities, services that warned tens of thousands of residents before the storms hit. The survey will be open to residents in the impacted areas beginning Feb. 3, 2014, ending on Feb. 17, 2014.

The survey will reveal how residents and businesses in Douglas County, IL and Palm Coast, FL were notified of the tornado threat and what they did with the information; therefore, helping researchers understand how people receive and react to emergency information. ECN anticipates many additional residents in both communities will enroll to receive future severe weather warnings through CodeRED Weather Warning, which is paid for by the individual communities and provided as a free service to citizens.

CodeRED Weather Warning technology is based on the National Weather Service polygon methodology, and only contacts citizens in the path of projected weather, increasing relevance and reducing false alarms. CodeRED Weather Warning also uses heading and speed to determine the most vulnerable areas, notifying those most at risk first.

Results from the survey will be shared with the participating agencies in an effort to continuously improve emergency communication initiatives and outreach. Stephanie Meyers, graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is the Principal Investigator for this research.

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