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Emergency Communications Network providing live 24/7 support despite cell tower, broadband outages

Published reports indicate that Superstorm Sandy knocked out 25 percent of wireless cell towers and a quarter of cable services in 10 states; outages that may get worse before they get better according to Federal Communications Commission Chairman (FCC) Julius Genachowski during a media interview Tuesday.

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is continuing to work around the clock to assist clients launching emergency messages related to Superstorm Sandy. Our highly skilled operations team is monitoring all jobs and is preemptively contacting clients in affected areas to ensure their ability to launch notifications. Because the ECN infrastructure is strategically located in geographically diverse locations that were not impacted by Superstorm Sandy, there has been no downtime to any servers or dialers.

However, wireless service has been disrupted across several major carriers including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. The FCC urges users to text, email or use social media. Emergency notifications through telephone calls may still be launched using clear, concise messages.

For CodeRED clients, this poses a unique opportunity to launch notifications to other communication methods available in the CodeRED tool kit. Clients may launch emergency and general notifications to all users within the CodeRED database through text message.  QuickText, an enhanced feature in the CodeRED mass notification system, allows clients to quickly set-up and launch text messages in under a minute.

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is capable of notifying all subscribers within the given reach of a notification. The geo-aware app also provides location-based, real-time emergency, general and severe weather notifications as they are launched by the National Weather Service and emergency management officials nationwide. The app has the ability to reach not only those within the area of the alert, but also those traveling through the area.

For more information about the CodeRED system or to access client support for assistance, please call 866-939-0911.